What are the effects of registering a trademark?

Once the brand has been registered, the proprietor of that brand has the exclusive right to use the brand for the goods or services for which it has been registered, and for similar goods or services.

By virtue of that right the proprietor of the trade mark may prevent all third parties acting without his consent from using in the course of trade identical or similar signs for goods or services which are similar to those for which the trade mark Or services shall be registered in cases where such use would entail a likelihood of confusion.

The right to a trademark arises at the time of filing and the publication of the application for registration makes the right effective against third parties. This request shall be accepted if all the conditions laid down in Articles 9 and 10 of Annex III to the revised Bangui Agreement are met.

The owner of a trademark shall be deprived of its right to the trademark when it has allowed the trademark to become degenerate which has become customary.

Because of the principle of specialty, trademarks can only be protected for the same or similar products as listed on the deposit without taking account of the filing classes in accordance with Article 9 of Annex III to The Bangui Agreement which provides that "the trade mark may be registered for one or more classes of goods (...) within the meaning of the Nice Agreement concerning the International Classification of Goods for the Purposes of the Registration of Brands ".

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