What are the conditions for registering a trademark?

A brand may not be validly registered if:

  1. it is devoid of any distinctive character, in particular because it consists of signs or indications constituting the necessary or generic designation of the product or the composition of the product;
  2. it is identical to a brand owned by another holder and which is already registered, or whose filing date or priority date is earlier, for the same goods or services or for similar products or services, or if it resembles such a brand as to involve a risk of deception or confusion;
  3. it is contrary to public order, morality or law;
  4. it is likely to mislead the public or the commercial community, in particular as to the geographical origin, nature or characteristics of the goods or services concerned;
  5. it reproduces, imitates or contains among its components coats of arms, flags or other emblems, abbreviations or acronyms or an official sign or stamp of inspection and guarantee of a State or intergovernmental organization established by an international convention, except authorization of the competent authority of that State or of that Organization.

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