IT Solutions

Address: Centre de Compétence SAGE, APPT 242 Espaces Mamelles Bat.2, 4ème Etage, Extension Aéroport, Près Terminus Bus P7,

BP 64571 Dakar Fann, Dakar - Senegal

Tel: (+221) 33 - 869 - 36 00

Fax: (+221) 33 - 860 - 27 78



General Manager: Papa Amadou DIAGNE

Atomium Gestion is a company specializing in the integration of management solutions for SMEs / SMIs.

With a proven with twenty years of presence on the market experience, we have surrounded ourselves skills with strong potential and thus raise us on the top step of the SME market software SAGE with over 700 licenses installed on a total of 2,000 throughout Senegal. This represents a real added value, high return experience on various sectors which enrich a project approach and technical expertise already recognized.

In addition to its business solutions integrator SAGE, Atomium Management is licensed to sell and provide services around the solutions proposed by Report One, DIMO Maint, ...

By choosing to work with the most recognized publishers market, namely SAGE, DIMO Maint, AXILOG and REPORT ONE, Atomium Management ensures the sustainability of solutions.

As services, we offer: training, audit, formalization of requirements, and specifications accompanying editorial loads.

Our goal is the success of your project by guiding you through the implementation of management solutions in line with your needs and consistent with your information system.