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Address:12, Bd Djily Mbaye, Immeuble Azur 15, Dakar - Senegal

Tel: (+221) 33 829 6414

General Manager Google Africa Francophone: Tidjane DEME

Present in Africa for years with an office in South Africa, Google launched a new initiative since 2007 to increase its presence in Africa with a new mission to contribute to the growth of the Internet.

Recognizing that the African continent, with a low internet penetration, could benefit from Internet to accelerate development and create new areas of growth for all stakeholders, Google opened several offices on the continent, including in Senegal, to work on the following missions:

- Make Internet accessible to all: we work to develop broadband infrastructure from international capacity up to local access including national and metropolitan networks;

- Develop local content to make the Internet useful and relevant for Africans : we work to localize and make accessible global platforms, promote business models that make publishing content online viable, bring online SMEs, governments services and African creators and, last but not least, develop local expertise in web and mobile content technologies;

- Promote a dynamic, rich, open and viable Internet ecosystem: we collaborate with public and private stakeholders to promote favorable public policies and regulatory frameworks for Internet development, promote education in new technologies and the emergence of a dynamic Hi-tech community and develop local entrepreneurship in new technologies.